This website is highly personal. It's a running log of what I'm learning and what I care about.

One of the main underlying reasons I learn anything is to improve my life. That might mean improve my health, wealth, fitness, happiness, productivity, relationships, or anything else.

I can read as much as I want about a topic, but until I act on it, until I try it for myself, the knowledge is just theoretical. I want to challenge myself by creating different projects, and publicly recording the results.

For now, this website itself is enough of a project.

I'm currently attempting to stick to the schedule of: (Temporarily Delayed)

  • One book summary per week,

  • One long-form research post per month, and

  • One class notes upload per quarter.

However, I have many ideas for future projects such as:


  • 30 Days with No Carbs,

  • 30 Days with No Social Media,

  • 30 Days of No Caffeine, and

  • 30 Days with 3 Outfits.

As more ideas come to me I'll post them here and eventually start trying them one by one. If you have any ideas or suggestions, as always, send me an email at