About The Journal

As Albert Einstein once said, "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."

As someone who is deeply curious, The Journal is my place to explore those curiosities. I may write about life, philosophy, human behavior, strategy, research, reading, learning, or anything else that sparks my interest.

Each post will deeply explore one topic and look at it from all sides.

I think one of the most fun, and most important things, in life is to have meaningful conversations with others. In that spirit, each post aims to take someone with no knowledge of a topic and have them develop "cocktail party familiarity." Meaning, if a topic is brought up at a party, you'll at least have a foundational understanding and be able to hold a conversation.

I'm not an expert on anything.

There are good books, websites, and articles on nearly every subject in the world. And most of them were far better writers than I.

I have nothing new to add to the conversation.

Instead, I pull heavily from other sources, adding my own voice only as a narration of sorts, guiding the post and the reader through the various topics.