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Modern Romance

Dating in the modern era is fundamentally different than the dating our parents and grandparents experienced. Of course, the tools we use are different, but Aziz and Eric found our desires have also changed, and with it, the underlying goals of dating itself. 

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Book SummariesErik Cianci

Tribes is about groups of people and the individuals who choose to lead those groups.

Tribes are simply groups of people with a shared interest and a way to communicate. With the rise of entrepreneurship and developments in online communication, there are more tribes now than have ever existed before.

Tribes are the future. Local activist groups can create more change than large NGO's. Small, lean startups can influence industries more than their larger, bloated counterparts.

All of these tribes are in need of leaders. Will you step up and be that needed leader? This is a book for anyone who chooses to lead a tribe.

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North Korea Confidential

Typical accounts of North Korea strip the Korean people of their agency, reducing them to dehumanized caricatures. They are always either painted as brainwashed Kim Il Sung worshipers or the helpless victims of the state security apparatus.

This book gives the reader a comprehensive look at the daily life of a citizen in North Korea, or the DPRK (The Democratic People's Republic of Korea).

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