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Choosing a Chart Type

There are dozens of different types of charts, each with a unique purpose. While each chart type may be slightly better for slight differences in data, in practice you can get by with using only a few.

In this post we'll discuss how to choose a chart type and the benefits and drawbacks of each. 

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Introduction to Game Theory

Game Theory is a branch of mathematics that deals with the analysis of decision making processes in competitive situations where the outcome for each participant depends on the actions of other participants.

Game theory has far-reaching applications including biology, business, politics, and war.

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Searching for Altruism

Altruistic actions are those in which a person selflessly helps others.

Social science research shows that none of us may be as altruistic as we think we are. Each of us, whether we recognize it are not, are constantly influenced by various alternative motives. For example, we may help others, in part, because it also makes us feel good about ourselves.

But each of us still have a choice whether or not to help others. And ultimately, if helping others makes us feel good too does that make it any less worthwhile?

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