Erik M. Cianci

Helping businesses and individuals make better and faster decisions using data and by overcoming cognitive biases.


About the site

I started this site in 2014 as an outlet in my journey of self-education. It's a channel for my intellectual life and an excuse to practice the craft of writing..

I research and write about what I wish other sites talked about more often: life, philosophy, human behavior, strategy, research, reading, and learning.

I'm a restless millennial. I have many itches to scratch and this site reflects that. I write essays, read books, and try new things.


I graduated from Elizabethtown College in 2016 with a degree in International Business and Finance. I studied international development in Barcelona and Beijing, as well as Spanish and Mandarin. After graduation I worked for a short time in Moshi, Tanzania in microfinance and gender equality.

I'm currently at AHF Products working as both a treasury analyst and finance analyst. Iā€™m also a board member for The Literacy Council of Lancaster - Lebanon.

I'm interested in entrepreneurship, particularly in developing countries. I enjoy researching human behavior, decision making, and how people interact with their environments. I dabble in vector design and photography. 

I believe in (pan)critical rationalismkeeping my identity small, and writing as an aid to thinking. I'm interested in almost everything.

To see my full resume, click here.

Financial Literacy

With experience in investment analysis, accounting, FP&A, and business unit finance, I have the skills and knowledge to help you make informed and effective decisions with your financial resources.

Database Management

Proficient in Excel, Access, VBA, Python, and SAP BI, I can help you clean and manage your data for internal analysis and external reporting.

Digital Design

With an eye for design, I use Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher to create presentation materials that make your content stand out.

Data-Based Storyteller

Using data analysis tools like Python, VBA, Tableau, and Excel I create narratives and dashboards to help you understand your data inside and out. As a strong written and verbal communicator, I can share and present the data with clients, management, and external shareholders.

Software Skills


I don't make any money on this site nor do I collect any of your personal information. Also there will never be ads on this site. 

I wrote a super-simple disclosure to make this clear. 

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